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Victims Week 2024: The Role of Candace House in the Justice System

As a first-of-its-kind organization, we collaborate with many different departments to ensure families impacted by homicide get wrap-around support and access to the justice system. Procedural justice is feeling a sense of justice in participating and feeling heard within the justice system regardless of a conviction. Do I have the info I need? Are they involving me in discussions? Do I matter within this process?

We work in connection with the justice system to support a sense of procedural justice - where we're connecting with Crown attorneys, Victim Services, RCMP, or Winnipeg Police - so that families can get the information that they need and get access to that justice process.

Our role is also to provide a sense of supportive justice - to walk alongside families in their grief. We know that by being with families where they’re at and witnessing their pain & journey, they feel more supported, cared for, and like they and their loved one matter in this process, separate from the outcome of a trial.

Your story matters, your experiences matter, and your loved one mattered and still matters.

Taylor, our Director of Operations, talking about our role in the justice system & in supporting families in accessing procedural justice (0:49)


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