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Creating Heart and Healing Space
for Victims of Crime

It's Simply Horrifying

Every week, a family in Manitoba has their world shattered because

they’ve lost someone they love to criminal violence.

With murder rates rapidly rising in our community, more families need your help to ensure Candace House can give them the caring support they need.

Download our Case for Support to learn more about our expansion

and how you can create heart and healing space for victims, survivors, and families.

"Make Yourself at Home"
Hear from families and justice system personnel about the impact Candace House is making.

Candace House only has enough space to host one or two families at a time, but there are often four or more families seeking help.


This expanded need means that right now, people are regularly being turned away when seeking the refuge and supports they need.

The planned $1 million expansion project will allow Candace House to take over and fit out an adjacent space in the same building, doubling capacity to accommodate families who urgently need refuge and supports.

Let's Raise
One Million

"Candace House gave me a place to put myself back together that felt loving and peaceful..."

– Family Survivor

Want to give a more tangible gift?

Consider purchasing something off our wish list that we can put directly in the new space for families to use.

Follow the link below to search for items, and then either select for the item to be delivered to Candace House or contact us to arrange a drop off time. If you'd like a tax receipt for the item(s) purchased, just send us a copy of your purchase receipt and we'll issue you one.

Family Bonding