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How We Help

It was just nice to have a big table we could sit around and discuss our feelings. And then if you needed to get up and go and get a cup of coffee or whatever, you could. It was just like you were in somebody’s home.

- Family Survivor

Offering a safe and comforting home-like day refuge located within one block of the Winnipeg Provincial Law Courts for victims, survivors, and loved ones attending court proceedings. Learn more.

Connecting victims, survivors and loved ones with important and culturally appropriate referrals and information that pertains to the various areas of life impacted by crime. ​Learn more.

Providing educational workshops and events on topics and issues of interest to victims and survivors in collaboration with partners. Learn more.

Working with skilled facilitators, those impacted by crime can share and support each other in group settings, with space available for use by other victim-serving partner organizations. Learn more.

After our daughter's murder, our lives were impacted not just by the loss of our child, but by the police, lawyers, court system, and media.


We met many supportive people but often felt like we were being victimized over and over again.  The things lawyers insinuated, sensationalized media, feelings of being under constant scrutiny. Our privacy was invaded and needs ignored at a time when we felt most vulnerable.


Two years after our daughter's death and shortly before the trial, my grandson took his own life. He had been so tormented by her loss and was never able to talk to anyone. He is at peace now beside his mom. 



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