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Image by Nathan Dumlao


It was just nice to have a big table we could sit around and discuss our feelings. And then if you needed to get up and go and get a cup of coffee or whatever, you could. It was just like you were in somebody’s home.

- Family Survivor

Because of you and the incredible support from our community, families whose loved one has been murdered, now have a safe and comforting homelike day refuge to take a break and debrief during trial proceedings. 

Even though it’s hard to express our thanks to Candace House and the impact you have made during the process of the trial, we would like to send our deepest thanks for opening a beautiful space for families like us going through such a difficult time.


The process of a trial was emotionally and physically exhausting and it was a relief knowing we had a place to go. Candace House was a place where we could escape the trial to clear our minds, cry, get angry, talk about memories and even laugh at times.


Your staff played a huge part in efforts to make us as comfortable as possible. The space was warm, and had a sense of peace when we walked through the doors. Pictures were placed throughout which made it feel like he was always with us.


Thank you to the Derksen family for creating a place of solitude even in your own grief. Candace House will always be part of our family. We will never forget your kindness and willingness to help us every step of the way.


With Much Gratitude, The Family

"Candace House is awesome. I look forward to coming here everyday. There is peace for us and peace that Tyler would love. We are here for you Tyler. We love you now and always." 


"Thank you Candace House for everything and making us feel at home." 


"I love coming here to Candace House. We are welcome here. It's nice to have lunch with you Tye. Love you always. And will forever miss you." 


"A very good welcome." 


"What a wonderful place to come and relax during a very difficult time. Thank you." 


"Thank you Candace House, for welcoming us here." 

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