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About Us

It was just nice to have a big table we could sit around and discuss our feelings. And then if you needed to get up and go and get a cup of coffee or whatever, you could. It was just like you were in somebody’s home.

- Family Survivor

Candace House is a first-of-its-kind, charitable nonprofit organization in Canada. We work in partnership with Manitoba Justice Victim Services to provide a safe and comforting refuge during the day for victims and survivors of crime, such as families who have lost a loved one due to violence.​

Candace House is located within one block of the Winnipeg Provincial Law Courts for victims, survivors, and loved ones attending court proceedings, meet with lawyers, attend justice system related appointments, and speak with Victim Services Workers.

Our staff provide emotional, social, and practical support, resources and referrals, and information about the justice system and its processes. 

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A comforting place for victims and survivors of crime.


Our mission is to provide a safe and comforting day refuge for victims and survivors of crime navigating the court process.

Candace House will offer access to holistic and culturally appropriate resources and referrals as well as victim support services in a way that promotes empowerment and resilience.

Candace House will endeavor to contribute to the leadership in the victim services sector through effective and strategic use of collaborative partnerships.

Victims, survivors, and families attending Candace House come having experienced difficult and traumatic situations. We are committed to responding in a way that holds to the highest standards of compassionate and ethical behaviour. 

We are also committed to ensuring that all staff, volunteers, and board members respond to each other in the same manner. We work to honour the values set forth and adhere to them at all times, in every type of relationship and organizational decision.

Compassion (love)

We believe in serving our guests as fully as we are able by creating the best environment possible for healing. We believe that this is only achieved by offering compassion and trauma-informed care in the form of empathy, acceptance, support, nourishment, and comfort.

Respect (respect)

We believe every person has inherent value and worth and deserves to be treated with dignity. We will honour each person's unique story, background, and connection with family, friends, community, ancestry, and culture. We recognize that respect is inherently non-judgmental and undertand the right to privacy and confidentaility.

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Empowerment (courage)

We believe in the courage and strength of victims and survivors and their ability to overcome adversity and thrive. We recognize the role of unique individual characteristics related to the impact of trauma. We will honour the resilience shown and empower each person to regain control of their lives.

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Social Justice (truth)

We believe victims and survivors should have access to resources and referrals that will assist them in meeting their basic recovery needs and in participating in the justice process as desired. We recognize this to mean offering services and programs not dependent on whether a perpetrator has been identified, apprehended, prosecuted, or convicted.

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Collaboration (humility)

We recognize the shared passion and dedication of many other organizations, agencies, persons, and disciplines. We believe it is only through collaboration that we can together enhance our collective impact. As we believe no one entity has the capacity to respond to every need, we will actively seek out partnerships with others, including funders and the community at large, to promote healing and growth for all.

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Integrity (honesty)

We believe healthy and safe spaces require transparent and honest communication, where despite challenges, we learn to communicate with, and learn from each other. 

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Diversity & Inclusion (wisdom)

We believe in embracing diversity, inclusion, and spirituality, These are often expressed in unique ways and an integral part of who we are and how we understand the world. We believe that services should be provided to meet the diversity that exists regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, age, sex, orientation, income, (dis)ability, employment status, or occupation.

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Our Team.

Staff are here to provide wrap-around support to victims and families navigating the justice system.

This includes emotional and practical support, system navigation, court accompaniment, as well as access to culturally and spiritually relevant resources and referrals.

I feel like [Cecilly and Taylor] kind of have this role of like a granny or a Kookum. Coming from an indigenous background, for my generation, I looked at my grandma, and my granny, and my other one, we used to call her papia, which means little lady in Greek. They were the ones that just kind of cared for us. They would watch over us. If we needed something, they would get it. But if we ever needed just a moment, we would just sit there with them. And they were always there for us. So, I guess it’s like the backbone of our family was always our grandmothers. And so, I kind of see [Cecilly and Taylor] as the younger grandmas.

- family survivor

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