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About Us

In November of 1984, 13-year-old Candace Derksen went missing on her way home from school. Following her disappearance and murder, her parents set out to create a legacy in her name. Learn more.

For victims, survivors and loved ones impacted by violent crime such as the loss of a loved one through, a safe and comforting homelike day refuge is desperately needed. Learn more.

Candace House is working to provide comfort, refuge and support for victims, survivors and loved ones impacted by violent crime in a way that aligns with our values. Find out more. 

We are so thankful for generous funders who believe in our vision and mission and have made our development, operations and capital work possible. Learn more.

Our Staff & Board is composed of victims and survivors, as well as professionals in various fields, working to establish and govern Candace House. Learn more.


Annual Reports highlight our activities, events and impact, and are an important part of our commitment to transparency and building your trust in Candace House. Learn more.


Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan sets the vision, mission and strategic priorities for the future to ensure our efficient and effective development and management.  Learn more.

Why do victims need a place? Because everyone needs a place.

There is nothing more secure, grounding, and healing than being connected to a place. Everywhere else in the justice system there are houses; the courthouse, the big house, half-way houses- everywhere.


Crime victims are part of the justice making process, so it only seems appropriate that they have a house as well. Candace House needs to be comparable in presence and importance.


–Wilma Derksen, Candace House Founding Visionary


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