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Support Services

Working with skilled facilitators, victims, survivors, and families can receive wrap-around support, peer support, and group support, with space available for use by victim-serving partner organizations.

Working with skilled facilitators, those impacted by crime can share and support each other in group settings. Support Services will be offered and coordinated by Candace House staff, with space available for use by other victim-serving partner organizations. 

I attended my first support group meeting a few weeks after my dad was killed. We met in a room at a library, it was bare, with just a few chairs and tables. The people were amazing though and I felt so supported as I cried and shared about my experiences and anger with the so-called justice system.


Towards the end of the meeting, I was still talking when the library staff person came and banged on the door, telling us we needed to leave- that we should know better than to go over our time. I felt so embarrassed.


It wasn’t the group’s fault. It would just be nice if there was a place that understood if I needed more time to talk.



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