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Victims Week 2024: Learn With Us!

Victims & Survivors of Crime Week is an annual event started by Canada's Department of Justice to raise awareness about the issues facing victims and survivors of crime and the services, assistance, and laws in place to help them and their families.

During this week, various organizations, government agencies, and community groups are coming together to promote awareness, support services, and resources for victims of crime, focusing on the need for collaboration.

What is Candace House Doing?

We will be posting on our social media and our website all next week to raise awareness about the unique challenges and needs of family survivors of homicide, relevant resources and information, community partnerships, and stories of resilience.

What Can I Do?




  • Check out to register for workshops & events to go to and to learn more

  • Ask questions & find answers

  • Join our newsletter here

  • Follow us on our website & social media

  • Share what you've learned or social media posts with your family & friends

  • Invite people to webinars or workshops

  • Give to your local victim services charities

  • Find ways to volunteer your time or resources

We look forward to sharing & learning alongside you next week!


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