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Support Families

Candace House gave me a place to put myself back together

that felt loving and peaceful.

- Family Survivor

You can support families today.

Become part of the Candace House family of supporters with your gift of any size.

Looking for other ways to give?

There are so many different ways to provide compassion, care, and refuge for victims, survivors, and their families. 

Wish List

Give a more tangible gift for families to use right away.

Donate a Car

Your old, used car can make a difference for families.

Corporate Giving

Give back to the community you serve through corporate sponsorships.

Host a Birthday Fundraiser

Celebrate your birthday this year by hosting a birthday fundraiser.

Have another unique idea that can support families?

Email us at

Get Involved!

Want to take your support even further? Get involved with Candace House to learn more about what we're doing and raise awareness about providing comfort to victims, survivors, and their families. 

Attend an Event

Events are held to help fundraise and raise awareness to support victims and survivors of violent crime. Click the link below to see upcoming events, as well as view photos and read about past events.

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Get Social

Join a community of like-minded people who want to support victims, survivors, and families. Like, follow, subscribe, share, and engage with us on social media.

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"But how do I volunteer?"

We get asked this question a lot. 

Unfortunately we do not have any volunteer opportunities currently available.


With the layout of our current space, bringing in volunteers would be like bringing strangers into your home while you are experiencing the worst pain of your life. 

Fortunately, with our expansion, we will have more space and privacy for families to bring in volunteers (like you!) to provide support behind the scenes. 

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know about upcoming volunteer opportunities with Candace House.

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