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Resources & Referrals

Connecting victims, survivors, and families with important and culturally appropriate referrals and information.

We connect victims, survivors and loved ones with important and culturally appropriate referrals and information that pertains to the various impacts of crime, such as the criminal justice system, victim rights, social services, counselling, health and others.

This can include connecting with our support partners, such as Ka Ni Kanichihk, Medicine Bear Counselling, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, and Southern Chiefs' Organization.

A few years ago, a person came up to me and described how her son had also been killed.


She told me how she hardly had the energy to read, never mind trying to find the information that she could read. She just wanted someone to hand her the best resources that would be easy to understand.


We as victims have such an obsession to know. Our lives have been thrown into chaos and everything seems out of control. One of the ways we regain control is by understanding what has happened and what will happen- when, where, why, and how. 



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