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Candace House Partners with Kinsmen Winnipeg for 2024 Kin Kar Raffle

Want to support Candace House while also getting the opportunity to win an awesome prize? Candace House has teamed up with Winnipeg Kinsmen as a Proceeds Partner in the 2024 Kin Kar Raffle! This means that Candace House will receive 50% of the proceeds from every ticket bought through our link.

Get the chance to win a $60,000 voucher for Murray Auto Group (redeemable at any participating Murray Auto Group dealership in Manitoba towards a vehicle purchase) OR $40,000 in cash!


The 2024 Kin Kar Raffle also includes a 50/50 draw!

Buy your tickets today! Sale ends June 23 2024 - 

Note: This raffle is only open to those in Manitoba.


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