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Winnipeg Foundation Funding Received to Establish Resource Library

Candace House is excited to announce we are the recipient of $13,500 in funding from The Winnipeg Foundation that will be used to help establish a resource library.

One of the common coping strategies for victims and survivors in the wake of crime is "information seeking," regarded strongly by professionals as a positive strategy. Victims and survivors look for ways to understand what happened, what to do next, and where to go from there.

The development of a library, with access to numerous, high quality resources that have been selected by professionals who work in the field, or others who have been personally impacted and come from similar backgrounds, cultures and belief systems, can contribute to healing and in meeting one of the most basic needs of victims and survivors in a positive way

This resource library is a fundamental part of the vision and mission of Candace House, and one of the four primary services that has been identified and that we will offer when we open our doors.

Having these resources will strengthen our organization as it will provide critical resources for victims, survivors, family and friends, but also Candace House staff and volunteers as we strive to never stop learning in order to provide the best support for our guests.

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