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Let the Renovations Begin! This #GivingTuesday, We Need You.

On Giving Tuesday, every single person has the power to change the world.

We are excited to announce that Candace House is expanding - adding an additional 2600 square feet to our existing 1500 square foot space. This means we will be able to walk with more families navigating the justice system following the tragic loss of their loved one.

Renovation construction begins December 5th, 2022. (Check out the design plans here or find out more about our Honouring Courage Expansion Campaign!)

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, we invite you to help us with the demolition of our additional space.

For every person who makes a donation made today, November 29, 2022, we will smash a hole into the wall of our additional space and write your name on it. We'll also send you a picture! If you give us permission, we'll also post it here and on social media.

Also, Canada Helps will be topping up donations by 1% for each gift given today (see terms and conditions - link).

You can also help us even more! Share this with your friends and family so they can help us start the demolition too!


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