Healing Haven

The Healing Haven recognizes the need for a safe space to take a break and debrief in a setting of love, care, privacy and confidentiality. The Healing Haven offers a day refuge with all the amenities of a home for victims, survivors, and loved ones who are attending court proceedings and appointments, with access based on referrals from our partner agencies and organizations. ​

Located within one block of the Winnipeg Provincial Law Courts, the space is above all for victims.


The Haven features:


  • a living room, a soothing place to talk or rest

  • a dining room and kitchen for guests to prepare and eat meals together, or have a snack

  • proper ventilation for smudging and burning of candles and incense

  • artwork and décor that brings together different cultures and backgrounds

  • an accessible washroom with face towels and disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • a meeting room for guests to speak privately with Victim Services staff or support workers from other organizations.


We’re creating a place for agencies and organizations to work more closely together and keep victims from falling through the cracks.

Education & Workshops

Together with other agencies, organizations and professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge, we’ll work to provide seminars and workshops for victims and survivors on topics and issues that affect them and will help in their daily lives.

Resources & Referrals

We’ll promote access and connect victims, survivors and loved ones to important and relevant information through online resources, brochures, pamphlets and books.


Putting information in simple terms, we’ll help them grasp what’s happening to them and where they can find the help they need. We’ll be there to answer their questions and hear their pain.

Victim & Survivor Support Services

It’s important to share stories with others who have similar experiences as part of healing and recovery. Candace House will work with skilled facilitators and practitioners to offer and coordinate support, and to be a welcoming place to meet where victims and survivors can know they’ll be understood and cared for. And when other victim support groups may not have access to their own place, we’ll work with them to make ours available.

I attended my first support group meeting a few weeks after my dad was killed. We met in a room at a library, it was bare, with just a few chairs and tables. The people were amazing though and I felt so supported as I cried and shared about my experiences and anger with the so-called justice system.


Towards the end of the meeting, I was still talking when the library staff person came and banged on the door, telling us we needed to leave- that we should know better than to go over our time. I felt so embarrassed.


It wasn’t the group’s fault. It would just be nice if there was a place that understood if I needed more time to talk.



And our community benefits... 

When we take care of the most vulnerable in our community, we all benefit. We say to them: “We are here, your story is important, your healing matters, you are resilient.”


With your gift to Candace House, you show in a very concrete way that you stand in support with those who have been victimized. Because one day, it could happen to you.


But together, we can be strong.

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