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Manitoba Government Invests $100,000 in Candace House

The Manitoba government has made a $100,000 investment in families going through the most difficult times in their lives after the violent death of a loved one, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced on February 18th.

Watch the full announcement below.

“Today, the Manitoba government is providing $100,000 to this wonderful facility so they can do more of the incredible work that they do,” said Minister Goertzen. “When individuals are able to use services from Candace House, they have direct access to emotional and practical support. These funds directly benefit victims and survivors and promote healing and resilience while gaining confidence in navigating the justice system.”

This is a critical first step in Candace House’s expansion. We just signed a lease for the rest of the main floor in our building, located a short walk from the courts. Fundraising efforts are underway to pay for the necessary renovations and furnishings to ensure more families have the safe place, resources and care they need during a time of their lives most of us can’t even imagine.

The importance of having wrap-around support when coping with a system that wasn’t designed for victims’ families was courageously expressed by Cindy Guimond, whose son Rohn had his life taken by violence a few years ago.

As Cindy shares, “Without Candace House, I don’t think we would have been able to get through this terrible, terrible impact of what happened to our family. There’s no better place than Candace House for people who’ve lost their loved one through violence. You come out of the courtroom crying, then you come here [and receive] hugs, someone to talk to, and support.”

Thank you for understanding the importance of helping families like Cindy’s.

In the three years that we have been open, families and service partners have confirmed what their needs are and revealed a huge and growing demand for more comforting places, new kinds of spaces, and more resources. We’ll be able to address these needs with the expansion.

Left to Right: Angie Tuesday, Winnipeg Police Services Family Support and Resource Advocate; Wilma Derksen, Candace House founding visionary; Kelvin Goertzen, Minister of Justice; Cindy Guimond, family survivor; Cecilly Hildebrand, Executive Director

We are grateful to the Province for helping to ensure we won’t have to turn more families away, and that more victims and survivors of violent crime will have access to trauma-informed, culturally safe supports while they navigate the justice system.

We are also grateful to you and others who have played a role in supporting Candace House’s work, and for the courage and caring of the families who stay with us.

Thank you for your trust,

The Candace House Team

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