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Introducing Our New Knowledge Base

Empowering Victims and Survivors of Violent Crime through Access to Information

We want to make accessing the legal system easier for victims and survivors of violent crime. We believe that having the right information and resources is crucial to navigating the overwhelming complexities of Manitoba’s legal system.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our new knowledge base. It will allow us to provide a greater impact and empower victims and survivors of violent crime to ask questions, find information, and explore resources available to them.

What is a knowledge base and why is it needed?

A knowledge base is a central hub of information and resources. It is a tool that will help us manage information in one place and make it accessible to those who need it most. Our Knowledge Base will be dedicated to answering questions and providing information about Candace House, the legal system, and resources relevant to victims and survivors of violent crime and service providers.

What is the hope for the Knowledge Base?

No one thinks that losing a loved one to criminal violence will ever happen to them. However, when it does, victims and families are hurled into the depths of a whole new world, completely unknown to them. Our hope is that this Knowledge Base makes navigating the legal system following violent crime just a little bit easier for victims and survivors. We hope to:

  1. Improve efficiency: By having all relevant information and resources in one place, to streamline resources and reduce the time spent searching for information.

  2. Ensure consistency: To make sure that the same information is provided, so all victims and survivors can access the same quality of support.

  3. Increase transparency: To make sure that the right to information is upheld for victims and survivors of crime to build trust in and increase accountability of the legal system.

  4. Empower decision making: To provide the information that victims, survivors, and families need to make informed decisions about their participation within the legal system.

  5. Foster learning and collaboration: To help us, justice professionals, community supports, and other service providers share information, learn from experience, and collaborate more effectively so we can improve the support we provide over time.

How can the Knowledge Base be accessed?

The knowledge base is accessible through our website. You can find it under the "How We Help" section, by typing into your address bar, or by clicking the link below.

It is open to the everyone, and we encourage you to explore it and learn more about Candace House, the legal system, and resources available to victims and survivors of violent crime.

We hope our Knowledge Base will provide the information and resources needed to support victims, survivors, and families navigate Manitoba’s legal system.

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