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"Province Provides $50,000 for Candace House to Support Victims"

The Manitoba government is providing $50,000 for Candace House to support the families of victims going through the criminal justice system, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.

“Since opening its doors in 2018, Candace House has increased access to justice, and created awareness of the impact of violent crime in our communities for victims and survivors,” said Cullen. “I’m pleased to announce this support for its services and programs.”

Read the full news release from the Province of Manitoba here.

“This funding will ensure that families who have lost a loved one through crime and are navigating the court system have the support they desperately need,” Cecilly Hildebrand, Executive Director of Candace House. “We are proud to continue partnering with the province in providing this ground-breaking and first-of-its-kind service."

Justice Minister Cliff Cullen visited Candace House to see first hand how the government's continued support is providing victims and survivors of violent crime with much-needed comfort and care. Due to the COVID-related restrictions on how many family members can attend proceedings, the Winnipeg Law Courts introduced the option for family members and loved ones to watch a live video stream from the comfort and safety of Candace House. During his tour, Minister Cullen had the opportunity to witness this technology in action as a family was seated in the sectioned off living room area, attentively watching the live stream of the trial proceedings in their day time home away from home.

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