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Renovation Construction To Begin This Week

We are excited to announce that renovation construction will commence this week on our first physical space. Located one block from the Law Courts building at Suite 1B - 183 Kennedy Street, the anticipated timeline to complete these improvements is 14 weeks.

The Board of Directors and fundraising committee for Candace House have been working diligently since locating this space to raise the capital funds required to start construction and are delighted to be moving forward.

“Thanks to the generosity of some key donors, donations from the public, and the hard work of so many, we will now start construction,” said Darryl Stewart, Board Chair of Candace House. “There are many people, including me, who were inspired by the Derksen's vision of a place that could make a positive difference for Manitobans dealing with the aftermath of violent crime. Ultimately, we cannot undo the terrible trauma and loss that people have suffered, but we can offer a comforting place for them.”

The vision for Candace House came following the murder of thirteen-year-old Candace Derksen in 1984, and the many years her family spent in court following the identification of a suspect in 2009. Wilma Derksen, Candace’s mother, saw the incredible need for a safe homelike refuge during the day that victims could go during the court process.

“Being a mother of a murdered child can be very lonely,” Derksen said. “It takes a community to help one through that kind of grief. Because it is complicated, it also takes an entire city to restore justice and healing. That’s what Candace House will accomplish. A place for victims and survivors to find refuge in order to bring about healing and justice.”

Once open, Candace House will provide space for one to two families during the day who are attending court proceedings. Offering victims and survivors of violent crime a comforting refuge with all the amenities of a home and space for ceremonies and smudging. Access will be based on referrals through collateral organizations and agencies, with priority given to families who have lost a loved one.

Candace House will also provide support to victims and survivors of violent crime by promoting access to resources and referrals, workshops and training, as well as support services.

Watch our full media announcement below.

Welcome and Greetings - Cecilly Hildebrand, Executive Director

Candace House Announcement -Darryl Stewart, Board Chair

Greetings on behalf of the Federal Government - Mr. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, MP for Winnipeg Centre

Greetings on behalf of the Province of Manitoba - Honourable Minister Heather Stefanson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Greetings on behalf of partner organization Eyaa-Healing Healing Centre - Crystal Laborero, Interim Executive Director

Words of Reflection and Gratitude - Wilma Derksen, Founding Visionary

Read more about our location announcement in the media.

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