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Image by Kadyn Pierce
Gay Family

Help More Families

The number of grieving families like Cindy’s who need space and wrap-around supports continues to grow, but there are many that Candace House cannot accommodate due to our limited space.

It is heartbreaking to have to turn victimized families away, but fortunately, Candace House now has an opportunity to grow. With your help, work can start within the next month or two and more families can be accommodated and supported by fall.

Please consider an additional donation to help us expand.

Supporting Families

For every $650 donated to Candace House, a family will have a fully-equipped Healing Haven, snacks and meals, and wrap-around supports for a day. 

Your gift of any size will bring comfort to families going through a terrible time.

Your gift will support families like

Without Candace House, I don’t think we would have been able to get through this terrible, terrible time and the impact it had on our family.

I’m so grateful Candace House was here for me and my family. It really has to be here for everybody, all the time.

- Cindy

Candace House Guest

Cindy letter on first page with caption.jpg

Cindy (right) and her son Rohn (left), who was murdered

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